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APS offers up to $1.2 million in award and fellowship opportunities each year as part of our mission to spotlight excellence in physiological research and education. These awards are a vital investment in researchers, educators and trainees of all career and education levels.

The Society is migrating to a new application site. Please follow the directions below to apply for or review applications. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.

APS Society & Section Awards

Please log in with your APS credentials to apply for the following 2024 awards offered by the Society and our Sections:

  • Solomon A. Berson Distinguished Lectureship (up to $2,000) – May 8
  • Carl Ludwig Distinguished Lecture (up to $2,000) – May 19
  • John F. Perkins, Jr. Research Career Enhancement Awards (up to $20,000) – May 31
  • Teaching Career Enhancement Awards (up to $10,000) – May 31
  • Claude Bernard Distinguished Lectureship Award – June 15, 2023
  • Julius H. Comroe Jr. Distinguished Lectureship – June 30, 2023
  • Ernest H. Starling Distinguished Lecture – July 1, 2023

Other Section Awards

Please log in with your APS credentials to apply for the following 2024 section awards:

  • Environmental & Exercise Physiology Section Edward F. Adolph Distinguished Lectureship
  • Gabor Kaley Lectureship/Symposium
  • Hugh Davson Distinguished Lectureship

We are also accepting applications for APS committee service. Please log in for details.

APS Award Scoring Committees

Please log in with your APS credentials to conduct a review of the following APS awards:

  • Carl J. Wiggers Award
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship

Attention Committee on Committees members:
Your committee's application review will also take place here. Please log in to access the applications for scoring.

APS Honors & Awards Policy

Initiating an application affirms your understanding of the Society's Honors and Awards Policy. When you begin a new application, you will be asked to update your profile and complete a self-disclosure form. You may preview the form before initiating your application. Making a self-disclosure related to professional conduct does not automatically disqualify you from receiving an award or honor. If you make a disclosure, you will be contacted for confidential follow-up.

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